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Research Seminars

The centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technologies in the Department of Educational Research, and the Department of Management Learning and Leadership are currently running an international series of Advanced Research Seminars in Networked Learning.

The first Seminar took place in April 2007, and the second will take place in September 2007 at Lancaster University. The focus of the Seminars is on advances in research into networked learning. An international group of key researchers in the field has been brought together for the seminar series, and we are working towards writing papers for the next international Networked Learning Conference to be held in Greece in May 2008.

The photograph shows participants who attended the first seminar, left to right:

Michael Reynolds (Lancaster), Steve Fox (Lancaster), Peter Goodyear (Sydney University), Vivien Hodgson, (Lancaster),
Sian Bayne (Edinburgh University), Janice Picard (Lancaster), Chris Jones (Open University), Shirley Alexander (University of Technology Sydney), Ray Land (Strathclyde University), Maria Zenios (Lancaster), Symeon Retalis (University of Piraeus), Shirley Booth (Lund University), Thomas Ryberg (Aarlborg Unniversity), Lotta Antman (Blekinge Institute of Technology), Tariq Shankiti (Lancaster), David McConnell (Lancaster).




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