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Monday 5th May: 14.15 - 16.00




Networked Learning and Interculturality: Perspectives on Working in Intercultural Contexts
Symposium Organiser: David McConnell, Lancaster University
Reflective Practices in Collaborative Intercultural e-Tutor Teams: A UK-Sino Case Study
Nicholas Bowskill, David McConnell, Lancaster University,
Sheena Banks, University of Sheffield.
A Feeling or a Practice? Achieving Interculturality In an eLearning Course
Sheena Banks, University of Sheffield, UK,
David McConnell, Nick Bowskill, Lancaster University.
Examining Conceptions of E-Learning in an Intercultural, Sino-UK, Context
David McConnell, Nicholas Bowskill, Lancaster University; Sheena Banks, Sheffield University.
Perspectives on the International student experience: a review
Michael Reynolds, Lancaster University
Engaging with International Students: An Account of practice In On-line Assessment
Kiran Trehan, Lancaster University.
Challenges for Chinese Learners in Sino-UK Intercultural Online Interactions--Case Study of an eChina~UK Project Course
Zhenhong Zhang, Ronghuai Huang, Beijing Normal University.

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Research Papers

Patterns of students’ use of networked learning technologies
Maarten de Laat, University of Exeter, Gráinne Conole, The Open University.
Supporting and Enhancing Undergraduate Learning with
m-learning tools: an exploration and analysis of the potential of Mobile Phones and SMS

Geraldine Jones, Gabriele Edwards, Alan Reid, University of Bath.
Assessing the Quality of Synchronous Network Learning Activities using Machine Learning Techniques
Georgios Kahrimanis, Eleni Mikroyannidi, Nikolaos Avouris, University of Patras.
A learning design methodology to foster and support creativity in design
Gráinne Conole, Andrew Brasher, Simon Cross, Martin Weller, Stewart Nixon, Paul Clark, The Open University.

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Research Papers

Task Allocation In Team Projects: Findings from an Experimental Online System to Support Students
Janice Whatley, University of Salford.
Exploring the User’s View on Design Patterns for Technology-Enhanced Learning
Michael Derntl, Renate Motschnig-Pitrik, University of Vienna.
Similarity based and knowledge creating metaphors – a didactic framework for informing design
Anne Gerdes, University of Southern Denmark,
Investigating Supported or Unsupported Individual and Group Work in Open Forums in an Open Educational Resources Repository
Tina Wilson, The Open University.

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Learners' Experiences with Learner Support in Networked Learning Communities
Benjamin Kehrwald, Massey University.
Expanding the concept of Networked Learning
Mike Johnson, Cardiff University.
The role of the developer in institutional change: Tales from the edge
Sabine Little, University of Sheffield.
Reconsidering the role of online tutors in asynchronous online discussions
Panos Vlachopoulos, Napier University.

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Approaches to Net Based Learning, Experiences with Social Constructivist Pedagogy in a Global Setting
Bodil Ask, University of Agder, Harald Haugen, TISIP & Stord/Haugesund University College, Norway.
A Collaborative Approach for the Development of Networked Learning Environments Using the ADDURI Framework
Nikolaos Valkanos, Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki
Students make a plan: ICT access and social and academic uses in higher education
Laura Czerniewicz, Cheryl Brown, Samantha Lee Pan, Alfred Moyo
University of Cape Town.

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