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One Size does not fit all: A case study of combining networked learning methods and tools

Eleni Voyiatzaki 1, Spyros Papadakis 2 , Eleni Rossiou3,
1University of Patras, 2Hellenic Open University, 3University of Macedonia,,
Nikos Avouris1 , Konstantinos Paparrizos 3 , Thanasis Hadzilacos 2, ,


This paper describes the work on the selection and integration of different pedagogical methods and tools in order to address specific needs of a given authentic educational setting. Asynchronous communication with LMS (COMPUS), synchronous communication within virtual classroom implemented by CENTRA and collaborative networked activities supported by SYNERGO are combined to support f2f traditional teaching of Algorithms to first year students of University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. The integration of these activities brought up the need to define conceptual “spaces”. Students participated actively and moved successfully, through ‘spaces’: the “virtual preparatory space” where all participants shared material, and prepared “class” work (like a library), the “ virtual classroom” for blended learning activities (like a class), the “private group space” where students in dyads or triads solved problems (like a desk), a “private room” for the teacher-student private discussion when feedback and additional support was needed (like teacher’s desk), “small private rooms” for small groups meta-cognitive activities (like a meeting table). Various communication channels have been integrated to support the participants as video, audio, chat, synchronous drawing tool, etc. Participants, instructors and students, had successfully switched among “spaces” and tools. Students (85%) reproduced the whole activity during the preparation for their exams. Generally, students have improved their performance and avoided typical mistakes discussed during the activity, in their exams .

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